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Burning your Profits? 

I am delighted to announce the release of my book: Burning your Profits: 5 Costly Supply Chain Mistakes you wish you knew before.  Business profitability depends on its supply chain, which is often the least understood area of business management. For an activity generating up to 90% of overall business costs, it is alarming indeed. This book will help you simplify your Supply Chain Success.

This Book Solves a Real Problem

MAKING A PROFIT is a simple and common objective for any business. Profits can be increased substantially by achieving savings in supply chain costs. However, company leaders surprisingly take their eyes off this goal sometimes and end up burning their potential profits.

This book brings the attention of business owners and top management to the common Supply Chain Management mistakes, bringing down their profitability, along with the strategic interventions to resolve them. This unique concept sets it apart from the other academic books that are available on Supply Chain Management.

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