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Personal Productivity for Business Owners

Maximize Your Productivity

Define Success, Take Action and Transform your Business with Business by Design

Is Your Busy-ness getting in the way of Your Business success?

If you’re finding your business to be your greatest cause of stress—and also constantly draining you of time and energy without enough financial rewards, it is time to go back to the drawing board and re-examine your working strategy.

From the the creators of India's first Goal-Focussed Planner


Introducing Business by Design

A 3-week Action program to help you

Design your Business with greater clarity & control to fulfill your true potential.


Define Success:

Every owner has different goals. You decide your destination. We will help you stay on track.


Design your Journey:

Together we design your roadmap. A workable action plan, personalised to your strengths. 


Execute Intentionally:

We build a process that helps you track your progress and keeps your momentum going. 

It’s a methodology—a proven framework—on how to set and achieve your business goals while maintaining balance in your life.

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The only way you can accomplish your business goals is through an Organised Action Plan

But that’s not easy.

Creating a strategy, setting a plan that aligns with your business goals, or setting a schedule all seem simple enough - but when it comes to the practical application, it can be challenging.

Challenging because of poor time management, planning and organization - the key executive skills for business owners, which are often not taught in our formal education system.


Discover How To Break Down your Goals into a Plan That Works.

Business by Design helps you relieve the stress and burnout. Our Step-by-Step implementation helps you create a realistic and doable plan of action, by refocusing everything you do in your business into a series of planned, coordinated ACTIONS, that enables your business to deliver both the income and the lifestyle you seek from it.

Take the first step towards experiencing more profit, freedom and joy.

Transform your business forever, in just 3-weeks!

Discover How You Can


Eliminate Distractions


Master Your Time


Maintain Your Motivation

to reach your business goals faster without stress.

Invest in yourself to achieve bigger goals.

How FAST would you GROW if you could execute your Business GOALS, without losing FOCUS?

The biggest challenge for business owners today is



It’s easy to get caught up in your daily work routine and lose focus on your business goals.



Do you find yourself often saying “ I dont have time”.

Caused by these common productivity mistakes 

flow chartf-02.png

As a result they experience


Missed deadlines


Frustration and Failure


Stress and Burnout


No personal time


STOP Wasting your Potential. TAKE CHARGE of your Time!

Discover the gaps in your current Actions that are delaying your success.

Our reflective, hands-on process helps you understand WHY you struggle with BUSY and lays the foundation for sustaining long-term change.

Why Should You Invest In Business by Design

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You want to gain Clarity and Control over your time and focus for faster results

You want to free up your time for taking on bigger Business Goals 

You want to use SMART Work, instead of HARD work, to fully use your potential.

You want to achieve faster business breakthroughs, through targeted actions. 

You want to learn the key entrepreneurship skills of time management, planning, and organization

You want a realistic and workable Action Plan for your Goals at the end of 3-weeks

And Most importantly 

You want to achieve your business goals, while enjoying your life. 

Speedtrack your Business Success with Business by Design

Join the Business Owners Creating their Success with Business by Design

" The Business by Design program is truly a blessing for business owners looking for a structure to plan, execute and track their business growth. "

Mr. Vinod Thakur


Discover the power of PRODUCTIVITY to create success in your life and business.

Business Owners aspire to create a business that rewards them personally as well as financially, delivering both the in­come and the lifestyle they seek. However, they often end up working HARD, compromising their work-life balance, but never fulfilling the reason for their business existence and end up unsatisfied and frustrated.

The Business by Design Framework Is a Complete Action System for Goal-Setting and Attainment That Gives You All The Information and Tools You Need To Live A Life Of Fulfillment And Balance In ALL Areas Of Your Life…  

Discover How To Live The Life Of Your Dreams WITHOUT Sacrificing Your Relationships, Health Or Peace Of Mind!”.

Success Doesn't Happen by Chance, It is Planned for!

If you are committed to achieve your business goals and are looking for a clear, straight-forward action plan to achieve it, then the Business by Design Program is for you.

Your Partner in Success.

Transform your PRODUCTIVITY, Achieve Incredible RESULTS!

Some Commonly Asked Questions

Do you find yourself getting so excited after setting goals, that you begin action right away?
Without a thought out Action Plan, your actions will be based on stress and reaction, and you will end up delaying your goals. When you plan in advance and prepare accordingly, you ensure a relatively smooth sailing, with faster results. A well-designed action plan can make it easier for you to track and achieve your goals.

Why Planning is important?

strategy (2).png

Because your Productivity ultimately impacts the profitability of your business.








Why is productivity important for business owners?

You are your business's greatest asset. The growth of your business will always be proportionate to your ability to maximise your personal potential.

Are you going to wait longer and continue to burn your company’s potential profits?

Or Get Started Right Away?

Note from Founder:


As a productivity consultant, expertising in personal and business productivity solutions, I’ve worked with many business owners who couldn’t figure out where all their time went. They were busy — very busy, in fact.


The problem was that they had nothing to show for it — no real productive results and accomplishments. These business owners were doing many things, but not focusing on the right priorities at the right time.


In todays fast-paced lives, who needs a long and complicated process to follow. They already led fast-paced home and work lives.

Business by Design simplifies the implementation process by handholding your execution and helping you FOCUS on actions that matter.

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