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The best thing about your life is that,

it is constantly in a state of DESIGN.

This means you have at all times,

the power to redesign it.

Make moves, allow shifts, smile more,

do more, do less, say no, say yes.

Remember, when it comes to your life, you're not just the artist but the masterpiece as well!

Live by Design HUB

In this Hub, you'll discover everything you need for your personal development, improved productivity and transformative results, so you can create your Dream Life, while enjoying the process.


Discover Yourself Challenge

A 21-Day self-discovery game, to discover the speed-breakers in your life and rewire your mind to unlock your true potential. Focussed on mindset training for success.


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Life Audit Workbook

When you want to transform your life and start afresh, it’s tempting to jump straight into goal setting and action. However, it’s a mistake to jump right into it without reflecting on your past. That’s what this evaluation is for.


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24th Oct, 11:30-12:30pm



Vision Board Toolkit

Want to make a vision board, but you’re not sure what to put on it?

This toolkit provides a step-by-step process map to create your vision board.


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Couples Goal-Setting Workshop



13th Feb, 11-12:30pm