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Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work!

‘‘Make a list and start crossing things off.’’

While it sounds lovely in theory, once we set off on our to-do writing journey, we quickly discover a major problem. In our race to get to the bottom of the list, we realize there is no bottom.

First there were memo pads and pencils, now we have note-taking apps that go with us everywhere on our smartphones.

Are you constantly checking things off your to-do list, but still don’t feel productive?

Making lists of what needs to get done, can help you remember all the tasks, but it can also keep you from focusing on the things that really matter most.

The problem with to-lists is they often give equal importance to everything. As a result, you end up picking the quick and easy tasks. This provides a false sense of productivity, because you think that the more you check off the list, the more progress you’re making. Unfortunately, that isn’t always true.

It also causes stress. When we carry around a long list of pending tasks, it constantly reminds us that there are many things to deal with. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and exhausted though the day, often unable to sleep peacefully at night.

Being Busy v/s Being Productive: As Gary Keller, author of The ONE Thing, says ”a to-do list can easily lead you astray.” This is because not all actions on it lead you towards your goals. Some just keep you busy. Avoid falling into this trap.

The Goals Journal helps you avoid getting trapped in to-do lists!

The Live by Design Goals Journal helps you manage your time effectively between your goal-actions and routine tasks.

It prioritises your Goal-actions, while scheduling them along with your daily tasks, to ensure you make progress on your Goals. This allows you to feel accomplished at the end of the day.

Today: Take time to decide what actions you need to take, in order to move closer towards reaching your goals. Give priority to them.

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