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Achieve your Goals Faster with our Revolutionary Action-Planning System


The fact that you’re on this page tells me a few things about you:


> You’re goal-oriented and want to accelerate your success.

> You motivated and ambitious to live your life by your own design and NOT on default mode.

> You're committed to build your dream life and business and are looking for an action-blueprint to help you in your journey.


If this sounds like you, then you’re at the right place at the right time….

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with the Live by Design® Action-Planning System

Just having goals is not enough. Putting those goals to work is what brings results. During the initial days of setting a goal, enthusiasm drives the motivation to take action, but it isn’t long before you get caught up with your daily routine and lose focus on your goals. The challenge comes in creating and following an action plan to make those goals a reality. A sustainable action plan that is manageable and easier to follow.

Get Clarity and Control with a SUSTAINABLE Action Plan

Discover the science of mastering your TIME and FOCUS, to design a Sustainable Action Plan that helps you achieve your goals effortlessly, with our unique system.

Get Started with the Live by Design System

The Live by Design framework is a scientifically designed, step-by-step action planning system that shows you exactly how to organise your Action Plan to achieve your Life and Business Goals faster, without stress and burnout. A research-backed planning approach to help you take focussed action on your Goals for accelerated results. Follow the system as it guides you to create your personalised action blueprint to plan, execute and track your daily progress to stay focussed on your Goals. 

Master your TIME and FOCUS to Build the LIFE you DESIRE.


How you can use the System?

Through our designed action tools and solutions. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, professional, student or even a home-maker, you can use this framework in your life to

Unlock your Hidden Potential to Build the life of your Dreams.

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Goals Journal
Action Tool (DIY)

India’s First GOAL-Focussed Planner, will help you simplify your Goals Journey using our proven framework. It provides a step-by-step guided action roadmap to help you GET ORGANIZED and maintain work-life balance in your journey to reach your goals. Use it daily to organise your daily schedule in just 5 minutes.

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Business Planning Toolkit
Have us by your side

A 4-week personalised implementation support, designed for Business owners and their Sales teams, to help them Accelerate their Business Goals with focussed planning and time management. It simplifies the framework implementation process by handholding their execution and helping them build HIGH PERFORMING TEAMS.


An online performance dashboard to get a bird's-eye view of your organisation's goals to drive your strategy to execution.

  • Real-time Team Progress

  • Reduce time spent in meetings for status updates

  • Cross-functional collaboration

  • Transparency and Accountability

  • Improve Team Efficiency

Goals Management Dashboard
All-in-one Goals Management Platform

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Business Author
"Burning your Profits?"

If you’re looking to improve your business operational efficiency for accelerated business growth, this book will help you organise your strategy towards the 5 Key-focus areas for faster results in less time.

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If you’re committed to Live your Best Life, our Tools & Solutions will help you build it.

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Our Impact

3300+ Individuals

15+ Startups

25+ Businesses

across 170+ cities

have created their success stories using the Live by Design Framework.

You too can easily leverage this framework through our Action Tools & Solutions, to bring accelerated results in your lives.

Design your Action Blueprint. 



A goal-setting and productivity strategist, author, keynote speaker and an unshakable optimist, inspired to empower humanity to Live by Design, Live a Life they Love. ​

Productivity is a theme I’m passionate about. After 7-years of research, I noticed a pattern among the most successful achievers: How they achieved their goals by organising their productivity using the best kept time management strategies.

With this framework I was able to change my life, and my goal is to help you do the very same: To empower you to live a full life.

Join me in the Journey of fulfilling your true potential by choosing to Live by your own Design!

I took the science of accomplishing goals and created the Live by Design Framework.

Why Productivity?


Everyone has 24 hours, but what you do with it determines your success.


In today’s fast paced world, being Busy is glorified. It is a trap that keeps you occupied without any meaningful results. While Being Busy is effort focused, Productivity is result focused. The key to fulfilling your potential is through productivity.

Unlock Your True Potential
With Productivity

Productivity is driven by Focus and Time Management, which are life skills not taught in our formal education system. As a result we end up investing in our personal development through coaching and training programs alongwith reading self-help books. However the struggle still remains in using our learnings into our lives and daily routine, in order to see results.

Which is why implementation is a challenge!


It’s time to change all that!

Who needs a long and complicated process to follow. You already lead fast-paced home and work lives. Which is why our solutions are centred around Simplifying Implementation through easy to use action tools and straightforward business interventions, designed to empower individuals and businesses to fulfil their potential.

Discover the power of Live by Design to
create success in your life and business.

If you are committed to your life and business goals, and are looking for a clear, straightforward action plan to achieve it, then you are at the right place.

Our solutions will help you overcome the personal limitations that stand in your way to live your full life.

Our Impact: As Speaker

Invited as Speaker by Premier Business & Trade Organisations, Social Organisations and Universities. Trained over 2000+ participants, across 110 cities in Goal-Setting and Productivity Management through the Live by Design Framework.

Key Government Organisations